S.O.S Tax offers a variety of services to keep your business in order fiscally. We offer accounting packages that include, but are not limited to: estimated payments, income taxes, sales taxes, financial statement preparation, account reconciliation, payroll payments, unlimited consulting, and more.

We open companies and process all the operational licenses required so that your business can operate without any problem. S.O.S Tax can also assist you in: preparation and representation of audits, tax returns, group, medical and life insurance and financial planning.

Audit Representation

The IRS can audit any person or business at any time. And S.O.S Tax can assist you in preparing and representing your entire audit.

Operational Licenses

En S.O.S Tax we help you obtain your operational licenses with the different agencies, both local, state and federal, so that you can operate without any risk of fines for non-compliance.

Tax Consulting

Nuestra experiencia de más de 30 años la ponemos al servicio de nuestros clientes para asesorarlos en todos los temas fiscales y contables y estén al día en todo lo empresarial y personal.


Even as non-residents you can formalize your company in the US as well as file tax returns without risking your tourist visa, S.O.S Tax advises you and collaborates with immigration lawyers to obtain a work or investor visa.

Insurance and Real Estate

We extend our services to support our clients in obtaining life and medical insurance, likewise we serve them with matters of purchase of both commercial and residential real estate supporting the documentation that will be required to achieve it.

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